When it comes to the tech world, there’s a lot going for it. And, that’s good news, considering that tech has integrated so thoroughly into our modern society. Yes, tech allows us to do many things, great and small, convenient and powerful, etc. And, we’re also able to progress faster and faster with each advancement, rapidly approaching the technological singularity. The singularity, for the uninitiated, is a hypothetical turning point in human social and/or technological advancement in which we’ll be advanced exponentially to a point that no one knows what the future will hold. Anyway, the point is this. Tech is a powerful force, usually for good, that has tremendous benefits for the human species.

For example, you can easily learn a new language with ease using programs like Rosetta Stone. These programs have a few benefits compared to traditional foreign language classes, which sweetens the deal even more. It can be tackled on your own schedule; it doesn’t have to be done in a certain place, so you can do it from home or anywhere else you like. The list goes on. Online shopping has changed the name of the game in a few ways as well. You can place an order, for just about anything you like, by the way, with just a few clicks and have it delivered to your door or P.O. Box in just a few days. And, you can do all of that without ever having to talk to another human being. Of course, convenience isn’t the only thing tech grants us.

Other, more important advances have been made in the tech field. For example, advances in medical tech have allowed us greater agency in the face of illness and injury, for a start. Even in worst case scenarios like losing limbs, prosthetics are getting better to the point that they can now preserve much more of your flesh and blood limbs’ motor function. We’re also able to better store all of the vast ocean of human knowledge and, therefore, better access said information. Think of the internet as our modern version of the Library of Alexandria, only with more memes and cat videos. This, in turn, can only lead to faster and better advancements moving forward, both in the tech world and the academic world. It’s truly a marvelous time to be alive, even if some of the more immediate issues could be a lot better.

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