Software developers design, debug, maintain and create different types of software and systems.  They also deal with mobile app development. Coding and programming is the base of any software developer. They mainly deal with technology and technology issues. Although you may think as long as you know how to code and develop software is a ticket to getting employed, that is not the case. Technology is something that constantly changes with time. Therefore, apart from programming skills, there are many other skills which employers would want in a software developer.

The following are the skills needed:

  • Knowledge of multiple programming languages.

As a software developer, your employer will require you to know multiple programming languages. This is because the company may decide to change the language they use from maybe C++ to Java and you should be able to continue working comfortably with it.

Software developers are not known to be social people who are easy going. However, employers require developers who can communicate and relate well to others. This is because developing software is not only the responsibility of the software developer. He or she only does the coding. There are people who do research and inform him on the essentials. Therefore, as a software developer, you should be able to communicate when there is a problem and also say when things are going on as expected.

  • Keen attention to details.

A small mistake when developing software can mess an entire project causing waste of time and resources. Employers need someone who is keen and pays attention to small coding that can ruin an entire project when ignored.

  • Problem-solving skills.

As a software developer, you should not only concentrate on the coding and programming languages. You can look around the society and try to find out which problem that people are facing can be solved by a software system or mobile app. Then you try to mobilize other developers to help you come up with such a software.

  • Self-motivated and guidance in learning.

Technology id dynamic. Therefore, as a software developer, your employer will require you to be constantly reading and researching the most

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